samedi 27 mars 2010

Parution d'un chapitre dans "Kids Online", Sonia Livingstone & Leslie Haddon

Peter Jochen, Valkenburg Patti, Fluckiger Cédric, (2010), Adolescents and social network sites: What do we know about identity construction, friendships, and privacy?, LIVINGSTONE Sonia et HADDON Leslie, Kids Online, opportunities and risks for children, Policy Press.

Lien vers la présentation du chapitre sur Policy Press

"Identity construction, the development of stable and fulfilling friendships, and the ability to disclose private information in appropriate ways and settings are important developmental tasks in adolescence. However, despite the significance of these developmental tasks and their potential relation to adolescents' use of social networking sites, research on the issue is still scarce and scattered. This chapter systematizes and reviews the available literature in order to answer the question of how adolescents' use of social networking sites shapes, and is shaped by, the three developmental tasks just mentioned. To contextualize the literature, a brief account is given of what is known about European adolescents' use of social-networking sites and parents' concerns about their children's activities on them.

Keywords:   European adolescents, identity construction, private information, social networking, online activities, online behaviour"